Thank you for your interest in our Director of Mission and Ministry.

This is a new and significant role within the Diocese of York. The appointment of a new Archbishop of York has encouraged the reshaping of the Diocesan vision and priorities. This coincides with the retirement of our Director of Training, and our Director of Making and Nurturing Disciples is moving into a new role. This post has been shaped with the aim of drawing together our work around, and the teams engaged in, the delivery of training, the encouraging of mission, and the implementation of our strategic programmes focused on reaching those we currently don't.

This role is being established as we look towards the end of a public health crisis that has inspired many creative expressions of ministry, and a desire amongst many not to simply return to how things were before. There are also fresh financial pressures. Our new DMM will bring a creative and faith-filled approach to embracing both the opportunities and challenges of the future, contributing significantly to the change management that is required across the Diocese.

We hope you will give this opportunity your prayerful consideration, and look forward to receiving your application.