Our Vision

Thank you for your interest in the Diocese of York, and our plans for achieving our diocesan goals.  Our vision of Generous Churches Making and Nurturing Disciples has been in place for several years.  In 2017, following a consultation process, we adopted as our goals:

  • Reach people we currently don’t
  • Move to growth
  • Establish sustainable giving

These goals are beginning to shape our life as a diocesan family, as we seek to be people renewed for God’s mission.  We are seeking national funding to support new mission initiatives towards achieving them, whilst other important ministries continue.  You can find more detail on our website here: dioceseofyork.org.uk/reach-grow-sustain

We have been working to fill the new posts we have created to drive development and delivery in key areas.  For example, earlier this year we created our new Generous Giving and Stewardship team, responsible for making a significant and permanent difference to parish and diocesan finances.  We recognise that to enable a renewed focus on mission and growing the Kingdom we will need to Establish sustainable giving.

Our goal to Reach people we currently don’t is a key element of our strategy for growth.  The goal is focussed in two areas: People in Poverty; and those in their 20s – 40s.  We recently recruited to the new role of Director of Making and Nurturing Disciples, responsible for the fruitfulness of our efforts to address the challenges of the under-representation of these groups in the worshipping and active life of the church.

In relation to 20s – 40s in particular, we are establishing 14 new full time roles, placed strategically around the diocese.  Alongside this, we are creating a ‘Growth Fund’ to enable Lay Pioneers to be appointed; establishing a Resource Church in York; and creating a wider programme which will stimulate a ‘ripple effect’ enabling every benefice to reach younger adults in their communities.  There is no fixed template, but we expect those reached will be drawn into new worshipping communities.

We currently have opportunities for missionally-minded clergy and licensed lay workers to join us as 20s – 40s Ministers.  These are pivotal roles for those with a passion for making and nurturing disciples, and the ability to be imaginative to work ‘outside the box’.  If this sounds like it could be you, my prayer is that you will be inspired to join us in achieving our goals. 

Yours sincerely


+Paul Whitby