20s – 40s in Focus

The Diocese of York has set the goal of ‘Reaching Those We Currently Don’t’ and one clearly identified group is those in their 20s – 40s.  The Diocesan strategy is to

  1. Establish 14 new full time roles, placed strategically around the diocese.
  2. Create a ‘Growth Fund’ to enable Lay Pioneers to be appointed
  3. St Michael le Belfrey in York will become a Resource Church for the diocese
  4. All of the above, plus a wider programme of events, will stimulate a ‘ripple effect’ which enables every benefice to reach 20s – 40s.

Our Approach to Reaching 20s – 40s

Given every context is unique, we are not offering a template of ‘how to reach’ those in their 20s – 40s.  However, the following elements are likely to be seen in each place:

  • A Clear Purpose: The clear intention to reach those aged 20s – 40s with the view to them becoming disciples of Christ. 
  • The Creation of a Plan: A commitment to a period of discernment which involves a prayerful listening to the community to understand the context before any initiatives occur. 
  • The Expectations around Growth: The new disciples will be drawn into fellowship with others.  It is most likely that this will be in the establishment of a New Worshipping Community, but it might include incorporation into an existing congregation or the establishment of more than one smaller gathering where discipleship and worship occur.
  • Future Planting and the ‘Multiplication of the Small’: It is anticipated that the New Worshipping Community will reach a point where it is able to plant out a new missional initiative.

20s – 40s Ministers
The 20s – 40s Minister will be part of the wider parish team but with a clear brief to focus on reaching and discipling 20s – 40s, which the Incumbent and PCC will honour and protect. They will work under the oversight of the Incumbent and can expect support and the necessary freedom to fulfil their role. It is an essential quality of the Minister and Incumbent that they can work collaboratively and that they will be committed to a relationship which will involve a regular pattern of meetings and prayer together.
We have appointed a 20s – 40s Team Leader, and he will support the network of 20s – 40s Ministers across the diocese.  It is envisaged that all Ministers will be committed to this network, attending monthly gatherings and offering mutual support and encouragement to colleagues.  The 20s – 40s Team Leader will share with the Incumbent in offering oversight and support.  Each 20s – 40s Minister will also be offered a mentor / companion who has some experience
of similar ministry and will be available to offer their insights and encouragement.
We are currently calling the new roles ‘20s – 40s Ministers’ but will be happy for a discussion to occur with parishes if there is a desire locally for them to have a title which is more appropriate for their context.
For more information about how this relates to the wider diocesan strategy, see: www.dioceseofyork.org.uk/reach-grow-sustain