Our Strategic Context

We established our vision of Generous Churches Making and Nurturing Disciples in 2010 and we are determined that, by the grace of God, we will make that vision a reality.  Our strategy sets out the action we will take over the next five years to help us on that journey.

In 2017 we adopted as our goals:

  • Reach people we currently don’t
  • Move to growth
  • Establish sustainable giving

This is a strategy for growth.  It is informed by a diocesan-wide consultation process and an agreed diagnosis of the key challenges we face.  We expect to see growth resulting from the initiatives under our goal to reach people we currently don’t, accessing Strategic Development Funding from the Church Commissioners.

These new initiatives include our Multiply, reaching out to young adults in our communities; and Mustard Seed, which is about being relevant to people in some of our most deprived parishes.

New work under the Reach goal will not be sustainable in itself for a considerable period. The Diocesan ‘family’ will need to understand, in being more focused on mission and growing the Kingdom, the Diocese will be more expensive to support. We do not intend to reduce stipendiary ministry posts. Instead, we must look to the generosity of our community to help achieve overall sustainability.

Our goals are beginning to shape our life as a diocesan family, as we seek to be people renewed for God’s mission. Working groups, led by members of the Archbishop’s leadership team, have been developing specific plans, translating vision into decisions and action. Meanwhile, other important ministries continue. We see this as a movement of the whole Diocese together in joy and hope — investing time, money and work now in order to build up God’s Church for the future

Further information about the Diocese of York can be found on our website: http://dioceseofyork.org.uk/