Clergy Profile

In this section we describe the information that your profile can hold, which you are able to update and amend at any time.

Personal Information

This section will hold your personal information, contact information, and current address. It will also provide an overview of your ministry and highlight particular achievements that you might want to emphasize such as publication or successfully completed projects.

Professional History

This section is for your work history before you were ordained, and any non-ministerial roles that you may have held after ordination. Many clergy have had previous careers or periods of raising families before ordination, and  will have transferable skills and experience that will be relevant to other posts (whether ministerial or not). This section is most akin to a standard secular application form. You will be asked to set out the non-ministerial roles you have held – paid or voluntary – with dates. You should outline the duties required in these roles and any particular achievements that you would like to highlight, in date order (starting with the earliest). Please explain any gaps.

Vocational History

This section should include details of all the ministerial roles that you have held since ordination in date order, starting with the earliest. (Training before ordination is covered in the education and academic section). This is primarily a factual summary. You will be asked to set out where and when you were ordained as deacon and priest,  and provide details of all the start and end date of all the offices you have held since ordination, including your current role. If you have held multiple roles at the same time, please list these separately. (For example, you may have been a rural dean at the same time as being an incumbent). For each role, you should briefly describe the features of the parish, such as the type of area, any particular aspects and challenges of the role (such as working ecumenically, Church schools, or local community involvement) and the nature of the office held (for example, team vicar, assistant curate).   You should outline the main duties that were particular to these roles and any significant achievements. Please explain any gaps. You will not need to provide contact addresses for posts that are parochial or diocesan as we have those details. For any other posts, please provide addresses.

Further Vocational History

This section is for your wider vocational history. It invites you to elaborate on the factual information you have provided so far and to give a sense of you as a person and your ministry. It is an important section and one which many people find challenging to complete. You may find it helpful to reflect on conversations you have had during Ministerial Development Reviews or with your spiritual director, or others .

This is where to go into detail about the theological traditions have shaped your ministry and those with which do you feel most at ease now. Other areas to explore include the following.  What has been the focus of your Continuing Ministerial Education and Development? Have you contributed to any publications? What are your other areas of interest? Do you hold responsibilities in the wider church? Do you hold synodical responsibilities at any level? Have you served on diocesan committees and working parties? What ecumenical involvement work for a Church voluntary organisation have you undertaken? How have you contributed to progressing these agendas?

Education & Academic 

This section is for details of your educational achievements and training. You should include ministerial training, academic qualifications, and courses here. You can also include details of any Continuing Ministerial Development and further training that you have undertaken.


This section is where you can upload documents, images, videos, audio files and weblinks that you would like associated with your Pathways profile.