The Dean of Bradford

The appointment panel has prepared a role profile which sets out the challenges, opportunities and key criteria for the next Dean of Bradford.

Ministry in the city

There is a huge amount of energy and vitality in the City and a great deal of revitalisation is underway. Bradford is bidding to become the UK City of Culture 2025 and if successful this will give the Cathedral even greater opportunities to be involved in the cultural life of the City. The Cathedral is a much-loved and respected place within the city, although it’s physical location means that it does not see much regular passing traffic. One of the challenges for the next Dean will be to help make the Cathedral more visible and open the doors even wider - building on the strengths of hospitality and welcome to enable even more people to benefit from the Cathedral as a place for prayer, worship, dialogue, culture and arts.

The relationships between the Cathedral and civic, community and faith leaders across the city are strong, and the Dean will need to build and maintain strong partnerships and develop new ways to help serve the needs of the wider community (alongside the Bishops and the Archdeacon of Bradford).

Bradford City

Ministry in the Cathedral

The Dean is of course responsible for leading the Cathedral community and managing the staff team and volunteers. In light of all the changes that have happened in society since March 2020 there will be the opportunity for the Dean to help the Cathedral shape an ambitious and creative vision for mission and ministry in the city and the diocese. A new vision needs a strategy to ensure it can be achieved and the Dean – working with Chapter – will need to ensure the Cathedral’s strategy can be implemented and that resources (e.g. people and money) are in place and focussed in the right areas, and that momentum is maintained to see projects through to completion.

The Cathedral has responded creatively to the Coronavirus pandemic particularly in the digital presence, and this is something that the new Dean will be able to develop further. As we look to develop a stronger culture of inclusion and belonging, we would like to be able to better reflect the diversity of the city, counties and diocese in our praying and worshipping life – drawing on the many blessings of being a multi-cultural and multi-generational city.

All Cathedrals will be experiencing change as the new Cathedrals Measure comes into effect, and the Dean will play a key role in implementing the new governance arrangements. Our SCIE Audit took place in June 2021, and the Dean will need to ensure that safeguarding continues to be embedded in every aspect of the Cathedral’s ministry.

Outside Bradford Cathedral

Ministry in the Diocese

The Diocese of Leeds is unique in the Church of England in that it has three Cathedrals – and three Deans - serving the whole diocese. Each Cathedral brings a distinctive contribution to the diocese, and the Deans work collaboratively as a College of Deans to make this work. This means that the usual diocesan responsibilities of a dean are shared: they all sit on the Bishop’s Staff and one dean sits on the Diocesan Board (currently the Dean of Ripon). The presiding dean is the longest-serving – now the Dean of the Ripon (following the retirement of the Dean of Bradford). The three Deans are looking at the way the cathedrals function and how they relate to and work across the Diocese. 

The Cathedrals each contribute to the Diocese’s strategy framework in different ways and in doing so promote the Five Marks of Mission. Bradford Cathedral has had a particular focus on safeguarding creation as the first Eco Cathedral.

Service inside Bradford Cathedral