Dean of Salisbury

Salisbury Cathedral is a beautiful building, a testimony to the faith and practical skills of the medieval craftsmen who built it; but it is much more than a historical monument. It is a living church and a place of prayer. As the Cathedral Church of the Salisbury diocese it is Mother Church of 450 parishes in Wiltshire and Dorset. It is also a centre for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, a complex network of worshippers, staff, volunteers and clergy as well as a substantial business operation.

This largely rural diocese is committed to the renewal of inherited forms of Church alongside a mixed economy of over 90 new worshipping communities and hospitality based events aimed at reaching people new to Church. The Cathedral shares in the diocesan commitment to “Renewing Hope – Pray, Serve, Grow” and this lies at the heart of its Christian witness. Hope holds together past, present and future giving meaning and purpose to existence.

For the Cathedral, Hope calls the next Dean to step into the riches of its history and tradition while enabling the discernment of how these might be renewed; its worship and witness brought to life for the current age and time. The Dean will be key to leading an exploration of purpose, culture and ethos, to enabling the Cathedral to re-articulate this in its mission and in extending its worship and welcome alongside regular services and events.

Pilgrims come to Salisbury to seek inspiration in the glory and peace of the building and surrounding Cathedral Close. Whether people come to worship, to marvel at or climb up to Britain's tallest spire, to be awed by the beauty and scale of the Cathedral interior or to study the original Magna Carta in the Chapter House, it seeks to welcome all and be a place in which those who seek God find God.

Balancing the many purposes of a cathedral - often complimentary, often competing - lies at the heart of the ministry a Dean.

Bishop Nicholas writes: "As we approach 2020 and the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Cathedral there are a number of opportunities to engage with the city of which the cathedral is the sometimes rather organising principle. Subtlety will be needed as well as clarity of purpose in collaborating without dominating both within The Close and in the city. In large measure the Dean has a responsibility that is shared with colleagues for the culture and ethos of the cathedral community and for the interface between those who are employed and those whose contribution is voluntary. This is a post requiring high levels of organisational and spiritual intelligence and skill. It is undoubtedly a difficult and challenging job. For the person who is called by God this is the most exciting of roles and tasks. I look forward to working with him/her in this shared ministry."

The full statement from Bishop Nicholas and further information on the role can be found in the Candidate Briefing Pack