Dean of Wakefield

Wakefield Cathedral seeks a new Dean who will step into diocese and local community with energy and vision; a Dean who will lead the Cathedral Foundation in discerning its particular vocation as one of three in the wider diocese, yet called to serve the City of Wakefield.

Please download the Candidate Briefing Pack for full information on this role.


•To lead the discernment of the next stages in mission and ministry and to create a sense of expectation and energy for the possibilities that might emerge;

To work with the Bishop of Leeds, Area Bishops and the Deans of Ripon and Bradford to bring the “three cathedrals one diocese” vision to life, to enable the Church and the wider community to realise the benefits of this unique calling;

•To lead the cathedral in its particular vocation to serve Wakefield - to bring Christ to people and people to Christ;

•To engage actively in community transformation work within the city;

•To pursue commercial and cultural opportunities which open up the possibilities for deeper and richer encounter with the good news; and

•To encourage and nurture the faith, life and witness of cathedral.


Our vision in the diocese is to equip confident clergy to enable confident Christians to live and tell the good news of Jesus Christ in our parts of West, North and South Yorkshire. We want to be a church that is “Loving, Living and Learning”. As our diocese (created in 2014) continues to grow, our strategy focuses on “clergy and lay together; purposeful resourcing; dynamic partnerships” – which will characterise our ministry and our outreach in the name of Christ. Each of our three cathedrals has its distinctive ministry, yet, uniquely and ambitiously, shares a common vision across the diocese.


To lead the life and work of the Cathedral Church of All Saints Wakefield and to work as one of a college of deans to express a shared cathedral ministry across the whole diocese; with the Diocesan Bishop and other senior colleagues to share in the oversight of the Diocese of Leeds.

As Dean and senior priest in the Diocese, to share with the Bishop and other senior colleagues in the oversight of the Church’s mission (NB the three Deans take on different diocesan responsibilities at different times);

As head of the Cathedral Foundation and its principal dignitary after the Bishop, to preside over the Cathedral Chapter, with it to direct the life and work of the cathedral, and to take emergency decisions on behalf of the Chapter when circumstances require;

To represent the Church in public life across the diocese, to grow partnerships with faith and secular institutions, and to contribute to their intellectual, social and theological capital;

With the Deans of Ripon and Bradford, to preside over the College of Canons;

To work with the Cathedral Council and other statutory bodies, and in collaboration with the Chapter to ensure sound governance across the cathedral;

To exercise leadership in the cathedral’s liturgy, preaching and pastoral care, to develop healthy team working, and to be personally committed to its pattern of daily prayer;

To lead the mission and outreach of the cathedral, including the presentation and interpretation of its heritage; With the Chapter, to have oversight of the cathedral’s development and to lead in securing funds for its long-term future;

To ensure that the cathedral’s operations are properly managed, including staff, finance, compliance and the care of the fabric;

To ensure that the constitution and statutes are faithfully observed;

To exercise responsibility for safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, the provision of pastoral care of survivors, and creating a culture in which all will flourish and which is coherent with the safeguarding policies of the Church of England.


Spiritual Life

•Nourished by missional catholic worship;

•Experience of encouraging of liturgical creativity and development;

•Committed to the corporate worship of Chapter – the praying heart of the cathedral.


•A creative and engaging theologian who will open people up to taking risks for the gospel.

Vision for mission and delivery

•Experience of leading the discernment and shaping of a shared vision

•A vision for an inclusive and missional church;

•An evangelist who is confident in sharing the gospel and who encourages others to do likewise;

•A vision for “three cathedrals, one diocese” and how this might be realised including the distinctive contribution Wakefield Cathedral might make;

•Brings a creativity and energy to mission and ministry to young people.

Engagement in community life and public issues

•Demonstrates effective leadership in wider community life and transformation

•Committed to a transformational social justice agenda;

•Ready to develop a deep understanding of Wakefield and dedicated to serving local communities.

Formation of others

•A leader who gives confidence to Christians in a multi-faith environment.

•Management of resources and structures

•Commercially astute, financially aware and administratively competent.

Leadership of others

•Demonstrates the ability to shape a future from times of uncertainty – able to lead and manage change;

•Committed to the corporate life of Chapter and to the associated collegial responsibility;

•Committed to learning how to lead and communicate across a large, diverse and young diocese.

Working with others

•A natural team player and partnership worker; enjoys other people and developing ideas with them.


•Understands the particular safeguarding challenges within cathedral ministry and has experience of promoting the importance of safeguarding to others.


•Applicants should have the right to live and work in the United Kingdom.

•To be appointed as Dean you need to have been ordained for at least six years.



Wakefield is a parish church cathedral. Dame Ingrid Roscoe DCVO, FSA has been invited by the Archbishop of York to chair the panel which has responsibility for the appointment of the next Dean.

If you would like to apply, once you have read the Candidate Briefing Pack, please complete the application form and fostering diversity form and send them in Word format by email to with "Dean of Wakefield" in the subject line. The closing date for applications is 0900 on Wednesday 21 March 2018.

Guidance notes on completing your application

Interviews will take place on 10th and 11th April 2018 in Wakefield and candidates will have the opportunity to meet with representatives of Chapter and the Diocese on Monday, 9th April. Before the interview, you will also be asked to complete a psychometric questionnaire. If you would like to discuss the role or have questions about the ministry of the next Dean please contact Caroline Boddington, Archbishops’ Secretary for Appointments on 020 7898 1876 or If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Deborah Pierce on 020 7898 1777 or