About our Service

Our Service

Pathways is used for all advertisement of posts within the wider Church of England, this service can be used on a subscriber basis, or an interim service, if you would like more information about these please go to the following link https://jobs.churchofengland.org/pathways/  .

Pathways includes national applications and profiles and we cannot support individual diocese’s applications in Pathways. Currently we have over 50% of the Diocese’s included in the programme with more coming on each month. With a national database that is still growing with over 1000 self-identified Clergy and 5000 candidates who have skills for employed or volunteer posts.

If you would like to subscribe or learn more about pathways – please let us know, alternatively you can purchase your interim posting by clicking on the following link https://jobs.churchofengland.org/

We do provide other alternatives if using our application form doesn’t work for your called Do Something You Believe In.

Do Something You Believe in is a job board sponsored by the Church of England, that engages those wanting to do something with purpose. Please see the following link to our website https://www.dosomethingyoubelievein.com/ . All roles with the Church of England Pathway’s go to this site including all clergy. If you would like to use your own applications, this is the solution for you.

Interim Post - Pathways

To make an interim post, you would need to purchase it here, from then, a member of the Pathways Support team will contact you asking for your Job Description, or Parish Profile and build the role on Pathways. It will then be sent to you for final approval. Once live, we will send you the full applications at any time during the recruitment cycle up until the day after closing. Then you will recieve all outstanding applications that have come through and the service is concluded.

*If you would like to use your own applications - Pathways can not support you in your interim post.