Once the post has been published, how do we know who has applied?

The Pathways team will send over all applications completed or not and their profiles on the day after your post expiring date.

Can we put a link to our website for application forms?

No, Pathways already provides application forms specific to the candidates chosen role i.e. Clergy or standard employment. This is because we have an Application tracking system, so it makes it easier for employers to find out how many candidates have applied and who has completed and who hasn’t completed their application.

Can we have specific timed dates for our closing date?

No, our closing dates are at midnight of each date.

Are we allowed to see the application forms before going forward?

Yes, of course, we can send them via email if you would like to see what kind of questions we ask.

Can we not use any application form and just ask for CV’s?

No I am afraid not, the reason for this is because Pathways system runs on a application tracking system and