Pathways Programme

What is the Pathways programme?

The Pathways programme has been established to help meet the challenge of increasing the number of people coming forward to ministry and lay vocations across the country as well as finding candidates for open roles in a digital world.

"The maths here is fairly straightforward. None of us are getting any younger, and 70% of our existing clergy will have retired by 2030. We need a step-change in our recognition of vocations, a quiet revolution, rather than simply continuing with business as usual." Bishop of Guildford, Chair of Ordained Vocations Working Group.

Pathways is about finding the right people for the right roles at the right time, in a cost-effective and timely way right across the Church of England.

It’s about:

• Attracting candidates to current vacancies

• Supporting ministry selection

• Helping clergy who are seeking support to discern the right next role for them

• Capturing people who are interested in working for the Church in the future

Candidate Experience

We should all be well aware that creating a positive candidate experience is an integral part of the role of any organisation. Without having an open line of communication with potential candidates, you run the risk of them walking away from the process with a negative opinion of your organisation. More and more these lines candidates chose to use are digital.

“60% of post applications completed today are done through a digital application process…Pathways: Recruitment will allow all of those organisations within the Church of England to have the loudest presence possible in a digital world for their roles be they employed, ordained or voluntary.”
Hannah Foster, HR Director NCI's (2017)

Pathways Recruitment

This subscription-based service gives you the online tools to help you reach a wider, more diverse audience. As well as increasing your exposure to the jobs market, Pathways Recruitment will reduce the amount of time and money you spend filling vacancies. It includes access to a national careers website and jobs board, a dedicated microsite, and reporting tools.

National Transitions Service for Clergy

The National Transitions Service for Clergy is an important new service that will help match people to posts in an innovative way. The service provides a safe, confidential space for Church of England ministers who find themselves at a vocational crossroads, or who are seeking development by opening up access to a network of practitioners.

The Pathways programme has been developed in consultation with representatives from the following stakeholders: Archdeacons, Diocesan Secretaries, Diocesan HR Advisors, Directors of Ministry, Clergy, Bishops’ Chaplains, Occupational Psychologists, Archdeacons’ PAs, and NCIs staff (Ministry Division and Archbishops' Advisers for Appointments and Development). The launch of Pathways has been made possible thanks to a start-up grant from the Church Commissioners’ Strategic Development Fund – the funding arm of Renewal and Reform.