Pathways : Clergy Transitions

National Transitions Service for Clergy

The National Transitions Service for Clergy is an important new service that will help match people to posts in an innovative way. The service provides a safe, confidential space for Church of England ministers who find themselves at a vocational crossroads, or who are seeking development by opening up access to a network of practitioners. The audiences for the service are many and varied – from Clergy seeking first title posts, parochial ministers considering a move or clergy following a period of long-term leave, to ordained people working outside of formal Church structures.

The aim of the Transitions Service is to provide resources to individual clergy, primarily to support a lifelong, fulfilling service to the Church of England.  The confidential service is available to people who are considering what they might do next or who are seeking a new post.  The Service is not a “post hunting” or “referral agency”, but seeks to enable individuals to engage with and make the most of their strengths and talents.  Coaching and assessment techniques are available to support discernment in direction, development of application writing, building a profile on Pathways, recruitment and interview skills and personal development planning.  The service can also signpost to Spiritual Directors and other external resources.  Some elements of the provision may be subject to a fee. The Service can be available through self-referral or through referral by your Diocese or Senior Leader.

“Vocation is something that emerges, and continues to emerge, throughout life - coaxed out by prayer and conversation, shaped by God, and confirmed by the church community. God has a plan for you; it just may be a surprising one.” Catherine Nancekievill, Head of Vocations and Discipleship

Look out for more news about the National Transition Service for Clergy in the summer.