Pathways : Pricing Guide

Pathways : Pricing Guide

The launch of this offer has been made possible thanks a start-up grant from the Church Commissioners’ Strategic Development Fund – the funding arm of Renewal and Reform. A condition of our funding is that we support areas where there is the greatest need. 

During the first three years of operation we are offering a discount of 50% on the price for posting vacancies to the poorest 25% of parishes, as measured by the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD).

Pathways Recruitment: Software

Subscription to the Pathways Recruitment software enables you to advertise your role on our national faith sector jobs board. You can also place your advert with multiple advertising sources using ‘One Request’.

Keeping track of your applicants has never been easier thanks to our online application tool. Once your advert has closed you can share applications with your shortlisting panel electronically.

National coverage, local control.

You also have access to a reporting tool that will show where your candidates are coming from, how many people applied, how long it took to fill the role, plus other key metrics. This will help you to make informed decisions when it comes to placing future adverts, saving you time and money. 

Tier 1: Normal Subscription 


  • £300 one-off set-up charge
  • £100 per month for four users (12 month agreement) - Extra users will be charged at £25 per user, per month.
  • £70 per post to the jobs board

Tier 2: Larger and Complex Subscription 


  • £800 one-off set-up charge
  • £250 per month for four users (12 month agreement) 
  • £70 per post to the jobs board

Tier Lite: Subscription for those Diocese's and Cathedral's that post less than 5 vacancies per year


  • £150 one-off set-up charge
  • £50 per month for four users (12 month agreement) - Extra users will be charged at £25 per user, per month.
  • £70 per post to the jobs board  

To become a subscriber - Email here

All Diocese’s and Parish’s that would like to be promoted through our national careers page, can make the request by cost. This is solely allowing posting of a role without any support or input. This is not an alternative to subscription: It will only be provided until the time when we have managed to on-board those in the queue to subscribe.


Feel free to contact us directly at 020 7898 1530
Pathways Recruitment: Microsite

A dedicated microsite is a great way to reach new audiences and point prospective candidates to your website. As well as showcasing your recruitment campaign you can brand your microsite so that it looks and feels like an extension of your website.

You also have the added benefit of leveraging the Church of England’s brand by linking to our new national careers website.

You can see an example of a microsite here. (New Microsite)

Pricing: To Order here

  • £699

Pathways: Microsite Lite

Microsite Lite is a single page site that the gives you an online presence to promote a particular role or recruitment campaign. Open for a maximum of 12 months, this option will help you to reach a much wider and diverse audience – particularly useful in helping to attract candidates for roles that are proving hard to fill.

Click here to find out more (New Microsite)

Pricing for the 12 month service: To Order, click here

  • £299. 


Additional services: Order Here

Patron Access

  • One off patron access to Pathways Recruitment                                                    £299

Recruitment Training                                                                                                          Bespoke

  • We will offer many training services such as How to write a good advert, How to convert a Parish Profile into an attractive Job Advert, Recruitment GDPR Training Etc. This is classroom style training and conditions apply

Campaign Sourcing                                                                                                             Bespoke

  • Running and managing all aspects of a specific campaign specialising in niche markets, roles and volumes.

Recruitment Tools                                                                                                               Bespoke

  • Interview Scoring Templates, Contracts for Service, Internal process reviews, management of services and data analysis, Etc

Church House – System Training                                                                                         Free

  • 5 Hour training for full use of the system. Please contact Pathways Support to learn more about our training dates and availability

Training                                                                                                                                  £275+VAT

  • 1 Day training provided at your local Diocese’s

Consultancy                                                                                                                           £399+VAT

  • 1 Day with the Project Lead to provide system training, project updates, process reviews, bespoke planning, process reviews.


Interim Service:

You will make a payment of £75, to which then a member of the Pathways Support Team will contact you asking for the full job description you would like us to include and the Parish Profile if applicable and work with you to get the post live. This process should take no longer than 1 business day. 


For those that enquiring about Bespoke Offerings, please do so here Pathways Support

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Pathways Support