Placement of Deacons (Vacant Title Posts)

In the Church of England, all newly ordained ministers serve several years as a curate in a training or title post.

As an ordinand coming towards the end of the first stage of your initial ministerial education (IME 1), your next step is to seek a title post in which you can be ordained deacon. You will then complete your training as a curate in this appointment.

This site works like a noticeboard, listing the available title posts in each diocese, to connect ordinands leaving their sponsoring diocese with those dioceses who are looking to fill suitable posts. Use the contact details provided with each advert for more information on the post and how to apply.

Descriptions of vacant title posts are also circulated by dioceses to theological colleges and courses (TEIs) for the benefit of ordinands looking for title posts.

Contact your TEI principal or diocesan director of ordinands for more information.