The People and Data Programme is a substantial piece of work that will bring together people data, systems and processes from across the Church of England. The programme comprises three elements:  

  • A new people system that will be able to hold, and enable access to, people data for stipendiary clergy, other ministers and NCI staff  
  • A common approach to organising and using that data  
  • An integration platform that connects systems, including those used for pensions, recruitment and finance, to enable data to move between those systems and the new people system.  

The benefits we are seeking from this programme of work include:  

  • The creation of a national register of clergy who have a Bishop’s licence, or Permission to Officiate  
  • The consistent management of people data across the National Church Institutions (NCIs) and the wider Church  
  • A reduction in the amount of paperwork we manage, and data entry we do, at the NCIs and in dioceses and cathedrals by connecting systems  
  • The replacement of the out-of-date payroll and HR system used by the NCIs.  

Representatives from 42 dioceses are working with colleagues at the NCIs to deliver this programme of work.