National Register

The Church has committed itself to implementing the recommendations of the Gibb Report, including the requirement that there should be a national register for clergy with PTO.  

Although the Gibb Report only recommended a national register for clergy with PTO, information needs to be available about all those with authority to minister from a Bishop. This is to enable: 

  • Clergy to check that someone has authority before inviting them to officiate 

  • Bishops, when considering whether to grant PTO, to check if someone has it in any other diocese so that they can liaise with the relevant Bishop 

  • Bishops, if they withdraw or do not renew authority or PTO, to check whether there are other bishops that have granted the cleric PTO who need to be informed 

  • An employer to check that someone has appropriate authorisation from the bishop when considering whether to employ someone as a chaplain. 

Phase 1 will include: All those ordained deacon or priest who have a current authorisation from a diocesan bishop or archbishop to minister as deacon or priest or bishop in the Church of England.  

The Measure relating to the National Register has been given Royal Decree. The new law stipulates that clergy and dioceses must comply with requests for specific information that are made by the Archbishops' Council. A second piece of legislation (Regulation) which goes to General Synod in November 2020 will define the data that can be requested.

Phase 2 will include: People holding other forms of licenced ministry authorised by a diocesan bishop in the Church of England other than those already accounted for in definition one.