About the SLDP


Cohort 4 of the Strategic Leadership Devleopment Programme (SLDP) will begin in early 2021, and the discernment process to identify who to offer places to on the programme is now underway. The information on this website is intended to help individuals who have been directed here by their bishops to find out more about the programme, and to express interest in being considered for a place.

The SLDP is designed to support the development of clergy identified as having potential for taking on significantly wider leadership responsibility in the future. The participants will form a learning community who support and challenge each other as they apply their insights and lead transformation in the Church. The SLDP provides space to listen to the call of God and to reflect on their ongoing ministerial development with opportunities for self-reflection, and through conversation with others. 

Whilst some SLDP participants may have a calling to undertake the ministry of Bishop or Dean in the future, through participating in this programme clergy will be equipped to take on greater leadership responsibilities in a wide variety of contexts. For example, as the head of a para church network, the Principal of a Theological College, as the CEO of a charity, or in a pioneer leadership role yet to be created.

In addition, as a programme of ongoing discernment, joining the SLDP Learning Community does not guarantee participants appointment to any particular post. Participation in the programme is not intended to be the only route to senior leadership within the Church.

The programme is a partnership between the nominating bishop, the participant and the Archbishops' Advisers for Appointments & Development (AAAD) who run the programme on behalf of the House of Bishops' Development and Appointments Group. Participants commit to the partnership by fully engaging in the programme including attending all of the modules. This may mean laying some things down for a season in order to commit the required time to the SLDP.

There are four interlinking leadership strands running through the programme:

Leading Self

Growing as undefended, innovative Christian leaders:

  • developing enhanced self-awareness and emotional intelligence 
  • understanding the impact you have on others as a leader
  • nurturing your own spiritual life and developing the ability to thrive

Leading Others

Developing the capacity to build and lead effective & creative teams:

  • working in co-leadership with others (lay and ordained) and empowering people
  • courageously addressing challenges and being alert to wider accountabilities
  • ensuring strategic outcomes are achieved

Leading the Church

Developing as leaders equipped to lead change and navigate ambiguity & complexity:

  • enhancing judgement and decision-making skills
  • stewarding the available resources
  • leading the Church in growth, responding imaginatively to new and changing contexts

Leading in the World

Growing as leaders in the public square:

  • learning to read the landscape from the outside in
  • enhancing your voice in the public square for the benefit of communities, nation and Church