Discernment process

The discernment process operates in three contexts:

  • Locally: the diocesan bishop and senior staff consider who to put forward to the national discernment process
  • Nationally: the Development & Appointments Group on behalf of the wider Church consider which 50 people to invite to participate in this cohort of the SLDP
  • Individually: individuals consider whether they would like to participate in the programme

Those being considered for the programme are asked to complete a Discernment Reflections Questionnaire. Your diocese may invite you to do this before deciding who to nominate for the programme.

Local discernment in dioceses

Bishops and their senior staff teams are invited to nominate people to the national discernment process. This local discernment process to  decide who to put forward is the repsonsibility of the diocesan bishop.

National discernment process

If you are nominated to the national discernment process and meet the eligibility criteria described above, you will be invited to:

  • provide a supporting statement from a lay person who knows you well
  • complete an online psychometric questionnaire;
  • take part in a Zoom/Skype interview with an external consultant;
  • have a conversation with a group from within the Church providing an opportunity for you to reflect on your ministry, and explore the discernment factors in more detail.

After the discernment process, you have the opportunity for two follow-up developmental discussions: one with the external consultant, and one with a member of AAAD staff, whether or not you are offered a place on the programme.