This transitional post is being established for two reasons:

To partner with the transitional governance group to design, plan and begin to implement significant changes to the work and the culture of Ministry Division in a manner to strengthen openness, support and innovation for lay and ordained ministries nationally, regionally and in dioceses

To oversee the continuing work of the Division between Directors of Ministry.  Ministry Division is responsible for significant continuing work which must remain on track during this period of change.  The team is responsible for:

enabling, resourcing, and encouraging patterns of ministry for the Church of England which are faithful, adaptable, and innovative in the service of the Kingdom of God, developing and supporting these ministries, whether they already exist or are emerging, ordained or lay, ensuring agreed standards in selection for ministry (lay and ordained), overseeing initial training and continuing ministerial development, and facilitating the sharing of good ministerial practice nationally and across dioceses.

In particular, during this period, the transitional Director will need to oversee Ministry Division’s contribution to important joint work with colleagues in the Archbishops’ Council, the Church Commissioners and the wider Church to plan and put in place financial arrangements to support the cost of training and supporting an increasing number of ordinands and curates through the 2020s.


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