Important Information


Church House, Great Smith Street, Westminster.

Accountable To: Secretary General of the Archbishops’ Council, and the Ministry transitional governance group on behalf of Ministry Council

Responsible To: The national training budget of around £15m and the Ministry Division with its 24.1 staff (FTE) and budget of £2.2m.

Key Relationships:  The House of Bishops, the Archbishops’ Council (including other divisions of AC staff), the Ministry Council (a sub-committee of the Archbishops’ Council), a range of other Church bodies, the Theological Education Institutions, DDO and Directors of Ministry networks.

 The Transitional Governance Group:


               The Rt Revd Martin Seeley, Chair of Ministry Council

               The Rt Revd Mark Tanner, Chair of the Selection Oversight Group

               The Rt Revd Tim Thornton, Bishop at Lambeth

The Rev Sonia Barron, Rector and Rural Dean in Diocese of Lincoln

The remit of the group is to develop a culture of oversight which reflects the understanding that the Bishop in her/his Diocese, and the Bishops collectively are the loci and guardians of the ministry of the church. This the group seeks to:

o   Establish a culture of openness, communication and learning with and among Bishops, DDOs, TEIs, and Dioceses.

o   Encourage “faithful and traditioned innovation” and imagination across the Church’s ministry and within the Division.

o   Engage with questions of polity and consistency in a national Church, clarifying and focussing the need, function, and approach of the work of the Division.


This post is subject to an occupational requirement that the postholder be a practising Christian within the Church of England under Part 1 of Schedule 9 of the Equality Act 2010 as the postholder will actively promote and practice Christian discipleship, and will need to represent the national Church structures of the highest level with bishops, diocesan staff etc.

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