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We believe God is continually calling the Church of England into renewal in her service to the people of our nation, to be a Church for all people and in all places. Intrinsic to this is the renewal of the Church’s ministries.  We see signs of this in the increasing numbers of ordinands entering training, emerging expressions of ordained and lay ministries, and the deepening recognition that the whole people of God are called to share in Christ’s ministry.

The departure of the Ven Julian Hubbard, Director of Ministry, in September, gives a natural opportunity to review and renew the work of the Ministry Division, particularly in terms of innovation, communication, diversity, and partnership with the Bishops and the wider church.

We are seeking a transitional leader of the Ministry Division team who, with the transitional governance group, will prepare the Division for the next phase of its service to the church, whilst continuing its ongoing work in this transitional period. Building on the foundations which have already been laid, the postholder will:

  1. Lead and support the existing team as it works through the interim period and ensure the required activity of Ministry Division continues. This work is focussed in four areas:

o   supporting dioceses in their delivery of the Church’s aspiration to increase the numbers of those entering ordained ministry by 50%

o   overseeing and developing discernment processes – and in particular managing the existing national selection system for increasing numbers of candidates for the ordained ministry, while helping devise alternative approaches to selection

o   overseeing and encouraging ministerial training – including ensuring the continuing implementation of recent reforms to the system of paying for initial ministerial training

o   developing and sustaining a culture of ongoing care and development of clergy and lay ministers. 

A particular priority during 2018 and the first half of 2019 will be overseeing Ministry Division’s contribution to important joint work with colleagues elsewhere in the Archbishops’ Council, the Church Commissioners and the wider Church, to develop and agree a national plan for paying for the increased cost of ordinand training, and some costs relating to curates’ stipends and housing, for the large increase in numbers of trainees and new clergy expected in the 2020s.

  1. shape and lead a process of change within the Division to equip it best to serve the church in an era of ecclesial entrepreneurship and missional innovation, while providing the framework of quality assurance for the national church. The culture and practice of the Division will be shaped by an over-arching approach of enabling and encouraging such faithful improvisation.
  2. Manage the practical implications in Ministry Division, and in terms of its relations with dioceses, of the changes that may result from this wider process of reimagining ministry and support for ministry.  This will include:

o   determine short, medium, and long-term goals that follow on from the change of culture in relation to selection and training across the range of ministries in the church

o   identify future roles needed within the Division to meet these goals, working with the initial expectation that existing staff will develop their current roles for the first stage of this work, and a plan for transition towards any new structure required

o   support the existing team in learning new approaches to the tasks, and in reshaping roles

o   enrich and develop a strong relationship of service towards the House of Bishops and sponsoring bishops, and the networks of diocesan officers engaged in discernment and training

o   Lead Ministry Division to the point that a permanent appointment(s) can be made with changes established and signalled, if not yet embedded.

  1. develop open and clear communications with the wider church, in order tha

o   trust is developed between dioceses, the Division, the House, and the Archbishops’ Council

o   good practice is understood and can be shared

o   areas of development are openly shared leading to the pooling of resource and a ‘atmosphere of trust’ necessary to nimble and imaginative missional innovation in a national institution.

The Transitional Leader is the key person in this process of reimagining, working with colleagues from across the Church of England, and particularly with members of the House of Bishops and the Ministry Council, and with staff of the Ministry division and of other teams within the Archbishops’ Council.

The post-holder needs to be an excellent change-manager with the capacity to hold a significant ongoing task whilst imagining a different future. They will embody the creativity and imagination necessary for this task, and be committed to supporting all the ministries that the continuing renewal of the Church needs. They will be able to work across the rich diversity of contexts and traditions that make us a national Church. They will be a natural collaborator, working in partnership with colleagues in Church House, and in dioceses. 

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