Your first Pathways application

Welcome to Pathways! This page is to help you particularly if you are applying for your first role through our recruitment platform.

The following is a fairly detailed HowTo - keep this page open on a separate tab as you work through the crucial "profile builder" page of the application. This should help you complete this page without difficulty!

On the first page of the application process you will be asked to enter your profile details – information about yourself and your history.  It can seem like a lot of questions, but rest assured you don't have to complete everything in one sitting. You can save and continue later.

You don’t need to complete this in one go, but there are two buttons to press to ensure your entries are saved.

Each long-text box has a “Save” button beneath it. Press this, to store that piece of text in a temporary buffer....

You can enter short placeholder text (eg “TBC”) in mandatory fields if you don’t have time right now to enter your full data.

At the bottom of the page press “Continue”.

You MUST do this to ensure everything entered on this page is saved. You will be able to get back in and edit it.

The next page presents further questions about your application, but you can ignore these for now and go to the bottom of the page.

Press “Save and Continue Later”.

You are taken back to your dashboard, and you’ll see where you can go back in to your application.

Now you can edit the profile builder page again, and each time you want to step away for a bit, scroll down and hit “Save and Continue Later”.

You can also edit your Profile by clicking on the “Profile” menu at the top. All information you add using this section will be automatically pulled in to your job application.