Questions in this application form

This application form comprises the following questions:

Questions relating to you as an individual:

  • Your personal and contact details
  • Your career and education history
  • The dates of your ordinations
  • Positions held within the Church of England
  • Further vocational information

Questions relating to this vacancy:

  • Vocational Personal Statement
    Please state your reasons for applying for this office. What you write and how you write it will help those making the appointment build up a picture of you. You will want to outline how you meet each of the elements of the person specification, drawing on gifts, skills, knowledge and experience from your previous career, both before and after ordination, responsibilities held and relevant interests.

You will also want to set out your thoughts about how you will take forward some of the challenges and issues set out in the role specification. If the office applied for is in a different church tradition from the one you have come from give examples of how you have worked across traditions.

  • Please specify any special access requirements you may have in order to attend interview e.g. deaf loop system
  • Tell us where you saw this job advertised?
  • Are you currently ordained by the Church of England?
  • Have you got a letter from the Bishop to confirm that you have completed your curacy?
  • Have you completed end of curacy assessment?
  • Please use this box to expand on Question 7 above.
  • Other areas of interest
    Please indicate your involvement in special areas of concern, e.g. particular issues in the contemporary life, international matters, academic or artistic interests. How have you used these in your ministry.
  • Transport
    Please be advised that the information in this section will be considered for the posts where public transport is considered not to be sufficiently good to enable a priest to carry out their duties without access to, and the ability to use, their own motorised transport. In such cases, and only In such cases, this is genuine occupational requirement'. Please tick the relevant box/es.

Questions relating to Safer Recruitment:

  • All questions on the Confidential Declaration Form issued 2023
  • With very limited exceptions, appointment to an ecclesiastical office can only be offered to priests over the age of 70 on a fixed or limited term licence. Are you under the age of 70?
  • Promoting Racial Equality; Are you a member or an active supporter of any political party or other organisation whose constitution, policies, objectives, activities, or public statements are incompatible with the Church of England’s commitment to promoting racial equality? The House of Bishops has made declarations of incompatibility in respect of two organisations, namely the British National Party and the National Front.
  • If you do require a work permit to work in the UK, do you have an indefinite leave to remain and work in the UK with no current immigration restrictions? Please note that you will be required to produce documentary evidence of your right to remain and work in the UK if you are invited to interview.
  • Marital Status for Clergy Applications
  • CONFIDENTIAL - Reference 1
  • CONFIDENTIAL - Reference 2
  • CONFIDENTIAL - Reference 3
  • Please provide your current Bishop's name and contact information
  • Please indicate if you hold a PTO Licence, and if so, which Diocese issued this?

Further guidance on specific questions will appear on the relevant pages.