The Dean of York

The appointment panel has prepared a role profile which sets out the opportunities, challenges and key criteria for the next Dean of York.

A visionary leader for the Minster, Diocese and Province

The next Dean of York should be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the Minster, not only as the seat of the Archbishop, but as a place of worship, teaching and evangelism with the love of God at its heart. The Dean will need to cherish the combination of all these as powerful and life giving. We are looking for someone who can capture the ‘big vision’ of Cathedral,  Diocese and Province, who is focussed on gospel outcomes, is outward looking, can see the ‘big picture’, identify untapped potential and appreciate the convening power of the Minster.

The next Dean of York should have a heart and voice for the north of England and exhibit a passion for its distinctiveness, for developing the Minster’s place in the City, Diocese and Province. As a key member of the senior diocesan leadership team, the next Dean of York will play a pivotal role in convening and developing relationships with the Church of England right across the Province of York.

Cathedral for the City

York Minster holds a unique and treasured place in the life of the city.

The next Dean will be someone who looks outward to the city, is open in building relationships and can demonstrate an inspiring vision, heart and intention for working together with others outside the Minster. As someone with a track record of developing partnerships, and with a vision for the Cathedral Church’s place at the centre of the city’s life, the next Dean will bring a new energy in engaging with the city, its churches, universities and teaching institutions, different faiths, people of all ages and backgrounds, reaching out to those that know the love of God and those who do not.

A confident pastor 

Coffee Morning at York MinsterWe are looking for an outward facing, confident leader and pastor who feels a real sense of calling to Cathedral ministry and to York. Previous Cathedral experience would be an advantage. Love of the liturgical traditions that are the heartbeat of Cathedral life is essential. Someone who will build on the progress made in recent years and instil a real sense of the Minster’s calling as a witness to Jesus Christ and a place of faithful and loving service to the City, Diocese and Province.

We seek as the next Dean of York, someone who is highly relational and resilient, but is unafraid to question, confront and challenge where it is needed in driving forward the Minster’s culture and vision. Someone who appreciates and is at ease with the Minster’s rich choral tradition but yet, at the same time, brings energy to reimagining and embracing the richness of different styles of worship. Imaginative and unafraid, to open the door to new ways of interpreting the building, drawing on, and drawing in, the diverse culture and heritage outside its walls and beyond.

The next Dean of York will be an experienced leader with the ability to inspire all those who visit, work in and worship at the Minster. They will be an enabling leader who will enthuse and instil confidence in others as they lead people on the Minster’s journey in the service of Christ.