Crown Appointments

The Crown is responsible for a range of ecclesiastical appointments in the Church of England. This is for historical and constitutional reasons, which go back hundreds of years, the Church of England being the Established Church and The Queen its Supreme Governor.

The Crown is responsible for the appointment of:

  • Archbishops and Bishops;
  • 28 Cathedral Deans;
  • First, Second, Third and some Members of the Church Estates Commissioners;
  • Master of the Temple;
  • Chair and some Members of the Churches Conservation Trust;
  • Dean of the Arches and Auditor;
  • Deans and Canons of the Royal Peculiars of Westminster Abbey and Windsor;
  • High Almoner;
  • Lord High Commissioner of the Church of Scotland;
  • Members of the Court of Ecclesiastical Causes;
  • 10 residentiary canonries;
  • and the priests in 200 Crown parishes.


The Lord Chancellor’s ecclesiastical appointments (which originate from the Crown) include a further 10 residentiary canonries and 457 parishes.