Candidate FAQ

How do I change me email address to a new one using the same account?

- Please contact Pathways Support as they can happily help you with this


How do I print out my application form?

- Once you have reacted the summary page of your application form, please press Ctrl P


I am locked out my account, how do I change my password?

- Please click ‘forgot password’ and if this does not work then please contact Pathways Support


Why has my text shown up with symbols and random letters?

- This can be caused by copying and pasting from another document as the system sometimes doesn’t like the font used and caused a coding problem, please make sure all text has been unformatted before pasting into your profile by using ……


Do I need to fill out the whole profile builder?

- Please focus on the mandatory sections as the system won’t let you move on till they are complete


How do I know how many pages I have left?

- You will find a progress bar at the top of your application form and the last page will be the ‘summary’ which is where you can review what you’ve inputted before submitting.


How do we know where we are in the application process?

- Once the post has expired and the employers have reviewed the candidates, you will get an email to say where you are in the process e. rejected, interview stage or employed.


Do we have to complete the application in one sitting?

- No, you don’t have to finish the whole application form in one sitting, you can go back and finished it when needed by click the ‘save and continue later’ button at the bottom of the page.


How do I delete my account?

- If you would like to delete your account off Pathways, please do email the Pathways team and they will suspend your account and let you know once it is done.


How do I know what job I have applied to?

- All applications you have applied for or not completed will be on your dashboard at the right-hand side that is titled ‘My post application’.


How do I change my details?

- If you would like to change the details or add in a new CV for example, you can go into your profile on your account, go into each section and there should be a pencil image on the right-hand side of each box.