Subscriber FAQ

Do candidates get asked about qualifications and previous job history in their application form?

- No, candidates would get asked all this information in their profile builder. The profile builder will appear before the questionnaire, so the candidate has a profile on Pathways and will not need to re-type this information again.


When creating a post how do I make all the text one font?

- When creating a post and inputting the text you should see a tools bar at the top of each box, near the left there is a ‘paste from word ‘button, once you have selected your text and click the ‘Paste from word’ all your information will be same font.


Is there a way of uploading pictures to my post?

- Absolutely, in each text box there is a picture image on the right-hand side of the tool bar. Once you have clicked that you just need to input the URL from google for example and choose where you would like it placed.


How does panel member access work?

- If someone would like panel member access, all you will have to do is send over the panels name and email address and what post they would need it for via email. The Pathways team will then create the users and send them over on Fridays. The panel members will then see candidates and where they are in the process.


What is a microsite about?

- Microsites is basically a mini website about what it is like to work for your diocese, please see the following link for our NCI’s microsite so you can get an idea of what you could create.