Central Members Election 2022

Who is eligible to stand for election to the CNC?

Any member of the House of Clergy or of the House of Laity of General Synod can stand for election in a pair with another member of the same House. Pairs cannot be people from different Houses.

Do I need to have long General Synod service to stand on the CNC?

No. Length of service on General Synod is not requirement to be a Central Member. Those who have recently joined General Synod will have just as much to offer the Commission as those who have been on Synod for several years.

What qualities make a good Central Member?

The “Responsible Representation” report drew attention to the importance of:

  • the commitment of all members of the CNC to the flourishing of the whole Church and to the healthy operation of the Commission
  • different voices, stories and perspectives in the CNC which might either be gained through personal experience or through seeking to understand the experience of others
  • responsibility to aspirations expressed by General Synod in relation to the life of the Church and their practical outworking
  • diversity in terms of theological opinion and gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability and social background combined with the desire to seek mutuality of approach

What do I need to do if I would like to stand?

You will need to find another person to stand with, and you will need to be nominated and seconded as a pair. You will also need to prepare an election statement jointly as a pair. Other than coming from the same House, there are no restrictions/requirements for how the pairs might be formed.

We would encourage people to consider how diversity (in every sense) might be reflected within the pair.

Finding a partner to stand with

If you are interested in standing for election, but do not yet have a partner to stand with as a pair, you can, if you wish, provide your name and email address (by midday on Tuesday 3 May 2022) by clicking on the link below. This is completely optional and you are under no obligation to do so.

We will circulate the names and email addresses to everyone who gives their details to enable you to make contact with each other should you wish to do so.

When will the election take place?

The elections will take place during the General Synod Group of Sessions in July 2022 when the General Synod will elect 12 representatives to the Commission as pairs: three pairs of clergy and three pairs of laity.

The timetable for the election will be:

Nominations open:     1 June 2022

Nominations close:     22 June 2022

There will be the opportunity to members of Synod to informally meet with candidates standing for election during the group of sessions, prior to the election.

What is the election statement?

This statement will be shared with members of the Houses of Clergy and Laity prior to the elections. Those standing are encouraged to share their reflections on the mission and ministry of the Church of England, their hopes for the ministry of bishops and their leadership, what they would bring to the CNC and its task of discernment, and how they envisage their pairing working. It is also important that any trustee roles or directorships are shared.

When do the elected Central Members begin their work?

The five-year term of office begins on 1 September 2022, and the induction for the new members will take place on 19-20 September. Vacancies in which the CNC has already begun its work will continue with their existing CNC membership. It is therefore anticipated that the newly-elected Central Members will first meet to consider a vacancy in early 2023.

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions about the role and work of the CNC, please do not hesitate to email Stephen Knott, the Archbishops’ Secretary for Appointments. Questions about the election process should be sent to Synod Support.