Our Values

Our Values

Everyone is welcome in the NCIs - those of all faiths and none. We are a values-led organisation and in all that we do we:

  • Strive for excellence
  • Act with integrity
  • Respect others
  • Show compassion
  • Collaborate

Belonging and Inclusion

Our aim is for everyone in the NCIs to feel that they belong and are valued for who they are and what they contribute. We need to bring maximum creativity and diverse problem-solving perspectives to bear on the challenges facing the Church of England. And of course, we know that ensuring that everyone has a fair chance and can flourish at work is simply the right thing to do.

Together, our people contribute in different ways towards our common purpose, whichever NCI they work in and whatever their background.

Our Belonging and Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan sets out the areas we believe will have the biggest impact on shaping the culture of the NCIs to become a place of belonging and inclusion for everyone. It is the result of extensive work and consultation across the NCIs.

The key themes and outcomes we are working towards include:

  • Diverse workforce: an NCI workforce which represents the diversity of the nation that the Church of England serves, at all levels including its most senior
  • Mentoring and learning: people come together across the NCIs in mentoring relationships that provide learning and development for all participants and enable mutual understanding, empathy and exchange of different viewpoints.
  • Leading and signalling: people see that leaders are accountable for promoting and maintaining our commitment to treat each other with respect.
  • Generous Behaviours: our behaviours towards each other fully reflect our existing staff Values of Excellence, Integrity and Respect and our purpose to serve the mission and ministry of the Church of England.
  • Celebrating and Storytelling: people in the NCIs feel welcomed when they join us and experience a vibrant and varied NCI life that celebrates what we have in common and honours our differences.